About Us

IBDI Division

IBDI Division focuses on the research of Big Data Platform, Machine Learning, AR/VR Human-Computer Interaction, and Computer Vision Behavior Analysis. The technical services our division provides are as follows:

Cloud Big Data Platform and Computing:
(a) Big data database and file system storage that 
are highly available, highly dependable, and highly scalable.
(b) ETL tool to extract, transform and load data from external, commodity storage sources to big data platform.
(c) Big data platform that allows distributed and parallel R language to perform massively parallel and distributed computing.
(d) Application and software application customization made to the needs of clients based on our big data platform.
(e) Open source project implementation, data center establishment planning, and optimized configuration of system and software framework stacking related to Apache Big data.
Big Data Analysis and Management:
The development and system development of various storage and big data analysis algorithm. The scope of the data processed and application range from Mandarin and English text analysis, emotion perception, internet opinion mining and rumor detection, precision medical data computing, financial data and information calculation, machine learning platform, deep learning, the application of reinforced learning, etc.

Nondestructive TestingandIntelligent Internet of Things:
(a) Ultrasound/visual nondestructive testing
(b) Intelligent material analysis and identification technology
(c) Digital signal and digital image processing
(d) IoT and behavior machine learning model
(e) Inspection regulations certification and consultation